About Voksi


Using nature’s own materials as a basis, and including constant development of Voksi’s products and portfolio along with constantly searching for new technology and new materials, Voksi is currently able to offer an extensive collection. Natural materials are still the focus of the original Voksi collection; wool, down, feathers and cotton. All these are combined to provide the best for your child.

Design is an important part of the Voksi universe; products are designed to be practical and user-friendly, with a great look. The classical Voksi collection is supported by the playful Design by Voksi portfolio which incorporates several exciting styles, and our Voksi Ida Ising products are elegant and classy. Handcraftet products are another basic aspect of the Voksi adventure. Throughout 30-year history, many of Voksi products have emerged from ideas, made real by using needle and thread.